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Personal Training for Seniors in NYC at Your Manhattan Home or My Studio Located in Midtown New York City 10019

Getting older isn't a free pass to let yourself go. In reality, it's actually vital for seniors to maintain an active lifestyle if they hope to keep away the negative effects of aging. There's no such thing as being "too old" to start exercising either. Our custom designed exercise programs are based on your current fitness level and long term goals.

Marjorie Jaffe is an experienced NYC Senior Personal Trainer with very reasonable rates. She'll even come out to your Manhattan home for added convenience and to make it easier for you, or your elderly parent, to get in shape. Exercising helps you both look better as well as feel better. Her senior fitness plans are intended to maximize the benefit to you without ever leaving you fatigued. In fact, our clients report feeling rejuvenated, more flexible and the healthiest they've felt in years!

Exercise with Marjorie Jaffe, Noted Fitness Author

Marjorie Jaffe is a well-respected fitness author. Her two most popular cooks, Get Your Back in Shape, and The Muscle Memory Method incorporate training techniques used in personal training and studio classes.
Contact Marjorie Jaffe for Senior Personal Training in NYC
Call (212) 245-9131 or Email Marjorie from Our Contact Page
Marjorie Jaffe Back In Shape Book
Get Your Back In Shape
Personal Training for Seniors in NYC
It doesn't matter what you current fitness level is! To Marjorie, that is nothing more than a starting point. She will evaluate your current fitness level and create a custom fitness plan that can help you:
  • Reduce and eliminate chronic back pain
  • Improve posture and the effects of long-term poor posture
  • Rehabilitate an injury or surgical procedure
  • Lose weight gradually and safely
  • Improve muscle flexibility and tone
  • Strengthen core muscles
  • Lose mid-section weight with abdominal training
  • Improve your overall fitness and stamina levels
The Muscle Memory Method Book by Marjorie Jaffe
The Muscle Memory Method
Senior Fitness Programs

Staying fit is important for seniors. It will allow you to get back to doing the activities you love or continue doing them for longer. Being in good shape gives you more energy for your daily activities.

You'll feel better and be less prone to injuries too. Marjorie's fitness plans focus on the areas that mainly affect seniors like flexibility issues, core strength and back pain. Core training is part of all of our senior fitness plans and workouts. A strong core helps to keep you upright. You need a solid core for stability, balance and good posture.

Other types of strength training that we do for seniors focuses on the legs and arms. This allows you to easily get up and down and also do any lifting you need to do around your home. Our senior fitness plans also include some light cardio and stretches. It's important to get your heart pumping and also to keep your joints lose for the best results.

Elderly Fitness Plans

Again, it's never too late to begin an exercise routine. Even if you've never exercised before in your life then you can still take part in our elderly fitness programs. One of our great personal trainers will work with you to create the safest and most effective workout to reach your goals - anything from reaching a healthy weight to developing muscles and remaining independent.

Most of our Marjorie's elderly fitness training takes place in the comfort of your home because we understand that you may not have the mobility you once had. There's no need for you to navigate the city to come to our studio and we'll also teach you some exercise techniques and breathing techniques that you can do on your own between sessions to enhance your fitness level and keep you feeling great.
Contact Marjorie Jaffe For Senior Fitness Training in NYC
Do you want to find out more about our great programs, in-home personal training or senior personal training? Don't hesitate another minute and give us a call to schedule your free consultation from Marjorie Jaffe. It's a great opportunity to sit down and talk with you about your personal fitness goals. She can even get started creating your completely customized fitness plan.

We have programs and classes that are right for everyone and all of our trainers are highly experienced and truly invested in your health. Contact Marjorie today!
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